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Main Features

       System oriented to the activity that realizes grain storages, though to give the maximum working flexibility. It contemplates the handling of tickets, emission of 1116A and 1116B Liquidations, Consignment Notes, Current Account in Pesos, Current Account of the Producer, and the Plant in Kilos, Buying and Selling Contracts, Absolutely all current legal changes, Statistics, etc.-

       Contemplates the entering of tickets, and analysis, liquidation 1116A sheets, 1116B and 1116C, registry of contracts of buying and selling, and downloaded control. Proofs of conditioning with billing in pesos and in kilos..

       It also allows carrying the current account in pesos, other two in kilos, one which the entrances are accumulated by the tickets and the exits by the selling conformity, other which the entrances are accumulated by the liquidations 1116A and the exits of the 1116B and C liquidations.

       The deliveries and 1116A liquidations can be informed by producer or field, in the case of a field the program will liquidate according the percentage that correspond to each producer, also, the operator can modify this percentages up to moment of the emission of the certificate (changing percentages or amount of kilos, and categories of the services liquidation).

       The standards of the grains are charged, when you enter the percentages of the categories in the analysis, the program proposes the bonus, discount, factor and degree. Automatically, it carries a dairy statistic by cereal that gives totals and accumulated of entrance tickets, sales compliance, finished business, download, with the correspond existence.

       There are listings for withholdings for Gross Income, Earnings, etc, statistics of total kilos per species, harvest and plants in these kilos takes totals by deliveries (tickets without 11116 A), of the producer (with emitted 1116A), of the company (1116 B and C emitted), by sales (contracts) and sold not delivered (for consignment note).

       It takes current account by cereal and by plant to carry the book of SAGPyA. There are emission of proofs and various forms (debit notes, credit notes, payment orders, authorizations information, AFIP record retention, etc.), the user defines the format of the proof and whether it will go or not to current account. Truckers and crews liquidations.

 Calculation of interests in current account and control of proofs to be accredited.
 Control of exchange plan.
 Money in advance.
 Afip and IVA taxes withdraw.
 Control of buying and selling contracts. 
 Kilos to amplify/ annulment prices by cereal. 
 Uploading and download. 
 Proofs by contracts.
 Automatic generation of accounting entries. 
 Book and magnetic media generation for every law resolution (4317, 3399, SICORE, SAGPyA, CITI, etc)


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