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Main Features

Its main characteristics are:

Access protection by levels and by user password.
Listing Majors.
General Journal.
Balance of Sums and Amounts.
Integration Balance.
Automation in Recast entry, opening and closing exercise year.
Accountancy in different exchanges (automatic entry by exchange difference).

. Account Code up to 15 digits, the format is customizable by user (longitude and levels of integration).
. It realizes automatically, charging the corresponding index, the Technical resolution Nº 6 (RT6).
. Automatic obtains of the financial and economic index.
. When you charge the entries, on screen will be visualized the total of Credits and Debits charged (of the process, of the day and of the month).
. Also validates that twice within the entry is met.
. Possibility of maintaining in line every entry of the year and the balance of the 12 months.
. Issuing checks (with endorsements), with optional division amount.
. Submodule of interest (with spreadsheets and stats) if the Current Account are within accounting.
. Module of revaluation of Fixed Assets with listings of Completed and Revaluation of the exercise.
. Bank Conciliation: you can enter the extract of each Bank and the system lists the movements that not conciliate with the major.
. Automatic configuration of the printer.
. Possibility of issuing IVA Diary, Purchase/ Sale, sorted by date or vouchers.
. Issuing vouchers for billing according to the rules of AFIP General Resolution 3399.
. Generation of magnetic media for AFIP according to General Resolution 3399.
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