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Main Characteristics

       This system allows you an efficient manage of Management of Sales and Purchases.  
It allows up to 999 deposits describing the present existence and the conformation of stock sales. Definition of proofs both for management of purchases and for sales from the client allowing the flexibility that the user need.
       Allows you to obtain a complete detail of the articles with the income or outcome, buying cost, selling price, quantity, detail of the receipt and the client or supplier involved in the transaction, etc. 
Contemplates handling of Cash, Banks, Receipts emission, Payment Orders, IVA Diaries, Generation of Tax Retentions, Income taxes, etc. CITI, SICORE Generations, as required by AFIP.

Seeds, Agrochemicals and Self-service
       This system contemplates all options for an effective management of seeds, agrochemicals and self-service.

. Management of 999 deposits contemplating the possibility of transference between them.
. Possibility of grouping the stock in line and groups conformed by user according to their needs.
. Possibility of stock valorisation up to a desired date.
. You can take a stock movement sheet, detailing which proof supports the input and output of units for each article, informing the date of the movement and the customer or supplier involved.

Information that the system brings about the product
  Existence of units, classified by deposit.
  Units sold remaining of shipping.
  Units available for selling.
  Units purchased remaining of reception.
  Units to be available for selling.
  Units sold in the last 12 months.
  Top of units sold.
  Variability Degree of the demand of the product (constant, variable or very variable having into account average demand and standard deviation).
  Date of last selling.
  Current selling price and effective date.
  Last selling price and effective date.
  Point of order.
  Safety stock.
  Optimum stock.
  Total valued existence.
  Articles without activity and their valued stock.
  Product denomination.
  Iva Aliquot of the product.
  Group of membership Article (A, B o C: indicates levels of importance for control).
  Detail of Articles Sold/ Bought by each client and/ or supplier informing quantity sold/ bought, date, detail of the proof, cost or unit price, sellers, selling condition. 
   From this data may be obtained in detail and historical all movements made to a customer or supplier.
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