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Main Features
Billing Settlement Fees Current Account and Book of Services Stock of medicines and disposables Statistics

       Este This System offers the interactive attention of patients allowing a total administrative management of the same in the External Offices and Internment. It is easy operation and with only enter the benefits realized on each patient allows to obtain the information necessary to:

Issue preinvoice for internal audit
Perform billing to the discharge of the patient.
Calculation of coinsurance or additional at the moment of receiving the patient in the room or internment.
Issue Daily cash by charge of coinsurance and additionals.
To realize the automatic liquidation to the professionals of the institution and the derivations arising.
Invoice Health Insurance, Privates, or Insurance Company, contemplating the different models of form according to the category of the IVA. (RG 3419) and can be used by Hospitals qualified as big or small contributors.
Rebilling at a change of tariff.
Automatic Diaries of Iva Selling and Iva Buying with the billing.
Current Account of Health Insurance, Providers, Professionals with account summaries and debt analysis by antique.
Statistics of the occupation by month.
• Stock of Medicines and disposables. Movement’s sheet. Point of order, optimal stock, etc.
• Obtain data for administrative and financial control of the company.
The system posses a great adaptability to any Clinic or Sanatorium and it is delivered in immediate operative conditions at the moment it is installed.

Sanatorium Administration System Billing module

It is the base of the System of Sanatorium Administration and comprises:
Management of the different files with possibility of Create, Delete, Modify, Query, and List by printer or terminal. It is delivered with charged and audited zip codes, Pharmaceutical Laboratories, Drug Formulary, and Disposable Materials, Nomenclature of sanatorium benefits,

Biochemistry Nomenclature, Health Insurances ( the basic ones), Duties, Diagnostics of 3 digits of the W.H.O.; remaining to charge the Sanatorium the ones of the Institution, Professionals, Direct Health Insurance, Definition of Beds and the estate of them.

Registration of the admission of the patient by External Offices or Internment (Room Assignment , bed, nr. of clinic history, etc).
Preparation of records with personal data including the responsable.- Control of the quantity of days authorized by the health insurance with automatic calculation of the extended days.

Granting fixed or variables credits in patients who pay coinsurance.
Automatic calculation of the value of coinsurence to the presentation of the order in External Offices.
Daily cash (collect coinsurance).

Current account of each inpatient with the use and availability of the granted credits or the consumption of the advanced payments done by the patient in coinsurance or private cases.

Easy charge, with control system that avoid mistakes, of Diagnosis and Comments, Parts of Surgery, Other Cares, Pension, Practices, Laboratory, Medicines, Disposables, etc.

Issuance of Sticker for correspondence to patient, providers, health insurance, etc.
Report about beds status, occupied or available, on the floor, Intensive Therapy Unit, Coronary Unit, Nursery, and Intermediate Care.
Report of patients by Clinic History, Abecedary or occupied beds.
Reports and Summary at the end of the different processes.
Possibility of issue of Pre Billing for Internal Audit.
Confrontation of the medicine that went out of the Pharmacy for a determinate patient with the actual invoiced.
In medicines and disposables can take up to six price lists.
The change of prices can be realized in different ways: by percentage, directed, or individual.
Billing of the different health insurance to their corresponding fees, plans, etc. taking into account the different categories of IVA in relation of the formulary to print (RG 3419). It is prepared for printing in white sheet or in pre-printed forms.
Automatic Selling or Buying Iva Diary with the billing. Generation of the files required by DGI in relation to the VII ANNEX of the general resolution 3419.
Possibility of issue different types of bills, adapted to the rules of each area of the country, with the corresponded summary.
Summary of the Unique Individual Billing.
Formulary for the payment of the state law by affidavit.

Settlement Fees                                            
This module Works in automatic way, both in External Office and Internment bringing:

Reports of production of the different professionals within (in summary or detailed ways).
Reports of production by referrals.
After the charge of the payments realized by the health insurance (total, partial or percentage) and the corresponding debts can be obtained the settlement fees of each professional or equipment, detailing the name of the patient, the health insurance, the date of attention, the codes of the practices, the debts and credits, the withholdings, etc., according to the own rules of each institution.

Liquidations of internal and external derivations.
Totals of liquidation of fees.
Totals of liquidation of derivations.

Current Account and book of service  
Current Account of Health Insurance, (Automatic) contemplates the following items:
Definition of proofs.
Current account header.
Draft actualization.
List of stocks.
List of current account.
List and debugging.
Debt analysis.

Current Account of Professionals (automatic) contemplates the same items that the current account of the health insurance.
Current Account of Providers allows, if you need, to take the current account of the providers contemplates the same items that the previous ones.
Book of service (book of sales): Allows the confection of the book of service according to the particular accounting plan of each institution allowing up to 70 totals with automatic accounting entry of sales, with the possibility of the following items:
Listing Book of Service of External Offices.
Listing Book of Service of Internment.
Adjust to the Book of Service (debit/credit notes).
General Summary of the Book of Services.
It can be defined several Book of Services with different Accounting plan.
Medicine stock and disposables                                  
It allows to get the stock (automatic) of the Central Deposit and sub-deposits with different departments.
It allows to include elements that are not billed such as gauze, disinfectants, needles, etc., to the effects of bringing the possibility controlling the consumption.
It allows to control the maturity of the medicines.
It allows to take registration of the orders with control of the partial or total deliveries.
Includes optimal stock and point of order.
Incorporation of prices from an external diskette.

It includes:
Draft movements
Updating of draft movement
Detail of movements
Movements by Department
Movements by Article of the Drug Formulary
Checklists dates last movement
Lists of due date
Closing of the period
Master Maintenance Articles
Valorised stock LIFO
Valorised outs LIFO
Closing Exercise
Draft Movements by Proof

General analysis or private of production or sales contemplating constant units consumption for the different services, billed amount and percentage related to incident companied of their respective graphics.
Statistics of variation of the different sanatorium units.
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