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Main Features

       Employer information totally customizable (fixed data, amounts, percentages, etc.) Maximum definition for the calculation for each syndicate.

       Listings news about the process, automatic information up to a certain date or by certain periods according to conditions. Forms defined by the operator in quantity of columns, and composition of each column. 
You can list data about the employer for each invoice o accumulated or calculation of parameterized Earnings. Book of Working Ministry. Worksheet of employer contributions. Magnetic media generation for AFIP programs.
This system, is developed in such way that the user, according to his needs, defines which concepts whish to liquidate, and in what ways, also allowing to explain what forms does he needs and with which details. In conclusion, it is adaptable to any Company or type of syndicate.

Capacity of definitions

Houses or branches : 999.
Departments : 999 for each house.
Sections : 999 for each department.
Categories : 999 for each section, with its description, valorisation, relation with the antique, coefficient of actualization over the basic salary
Zip codes: codes, city, patent letter.
Employers: 99.999. Each one counting with: file, name, address, zip code, telephone, sex, nationality, date of birth, entry and retirement, characters of the services, house, department, section, category, 8 inscription numbers to be selected by the user. (Retirement, prepaid medical, etc.).

Also it is provided:
36 Accumulatedbr /> 90 Fields of two digits
10 Fields of three digits
10 Various amounts
10 Percentages
24 accumulated by 12 months

       All this will allow to the user to define real and recognized antique, worked months, salary, mid and end of the year bonus, several fields to identify family assignments, functions and characteristics of the employee to take into account in the calculation of the liquidation. Concepts to liquidate: 1999 with code, description, calculation formula, special conditions, (defined by the user).

Main Features

System allows:

 The reassessment of emitted invoices because o an inefficient definition of a calculation in some or all the employees.
 The annulation or the addition of one or a group of employees to a liquidation already emitted.
 The control of the work of the operator.
 The control of the liquidations that are made by each employee during the year.
 Fast and agile actualization of the valorisation of the categories.
 Control of the cost in the different areas by house, departments, sections and categories.
 The charging of the news in automatic way by groups or individual by the periods of time that is determinated.
 Automatic generation of the accounting entry.
 Antique Automatic calculation, mid and end of the year bonus, vacation and every need of the liquidation that the user wants. (G. E.: Doubles Family salary in determinated month of the year).
 Permanent calculation of the amount of the eventual severance pay for each employee.
 Automatic calculation of Earning Tax and information for magnetic media according to 3399 Resolution of AFIP.
 Handling of new guidelines for C.U.I.L. and their corresponding magnetic means.

Several Forms

Preprinted Forms: Salary Invoice in two different formats.
Prenumbered Forms: Book of Salaries for the presentation in the Labour Ministry.
Forms in 6 different types with 99 options by form in which you can find:
 Form of change
 Form of Prepaid Medical, Syndicate
 Form totalizing Deductions and Withholdings
 Form RG3834 and his magnetic means.
 Form of Family Allowances
 Form of annual liquidation by employee
 Form of Banking Account for Salary accreditation
 Form for CASFEC and/ or CASPIC
 Form of employees with liquidated concepts:

       Gross Salary, Family Wage, Withholdings, Amounts to be charged, etc. It can be selected which concept goes in which column, if you want to totalize units and/or amounts. It provides support in the training of the personnel operative of the system, the definition of the agreements and forms necessaries and the handling of the System Manual that brings the possibility to the user of time management, and to possible changes, in full independence.


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