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Changes made by system



Fumigated Evidence
       In the province of Córdoba, by resolution 304/2010 and in Santa Fe by resolution
MASPyMA 137, it is established that all Consignment Note of exit
must be accompanied by a form that states that did not apply or apply sprayed on truck.
       To implement this change it was added a print button that says "Fumigated Evidence" (it is next to or underneath the print button of the Consignment Note). .

. Gross Income Generation Files
       File generation added for gross income withholding supported for Entre Rios, used the entered into the collection part exclusively.
As the importation file has a total per taxpayer, the control file is broken down with all lines of retention.

. Charge of Quotations
       Two buttons were added, one is to check the Quote of the dollar (value query from the page of “Ambito Financiero”and is saved in Windows clipboard with Control+V or Paste the contents to the wished place), and the other to save the value consulting in the table that has the Quotation.

       It is possible to indicate to the program that records automatically the quotation up to four times per day.
       When change automatic quotation, the operator sees it, because the program issues a warning read dollar.
       In text 2, the date and time of the last recorded via web quote, is always saved.

. Grain Movement 3 (Afip)
       Program was adapted for the new format of entry and exit consignment notes of version 3 of the movement of grain, effective as of 01/06/2010. The system also can generate with the previous version.

. . F1116 File Generation
       In the generation of F1116.TXT added a new file, the F1116Tot.Txt, in it is saved all withholds to producers to import into the new option that allows multiple companies in a single file. You have to import the F1116Tot.Txt, in F1116TotDet.Txt file is the detail of what is sent in the file.

Stock Items
       In the screen of changes and highs added buttons at the bottom to go directly to the purchase price change 1 and 2 and the sale 1-9.
       There is also a text box and a button to force the stock of the item selected in the deposit that is associated with that item (key authorization is sought).

. Export to Website
       New option to save the file then moves to publish on the Web.
       When you enter the option you can confirm that information is sent (by ticking the appropriate box) from that date information on current account cash and invoices and list of cereal crops and / or codes sent type of current account are included or excluded to select the information to be sent.


. Current Account by mail
       Added the possibility to send the Current Account to clients by mail.

       The list can be filtered by Registration Date, also as a range of clients, in this way you can visualize in a grid the filter data.

       Can be sent list by mail or printer, also exists the possibility to see the information by screen.

Physical Report
        ||_Search of Contracts
       The system was modified when you enter in the field of realized applications you can see the destination of the merchandise where it was applicated.

        ||_Accountancy reports
            Diary book summary by month
       It was modified that the report totallized by month. This is useful when you need to list more than a month.
       It is grouped by month and year.

Generation of files F1116
       From the new application F1116, you can export all the F1116 with a single file. At the moment of generating the information for F1116, it will request a date that is used to the new application.
       Clarification: The system will validate that the system is correct, otherwise it will ask again.

       It was modified the system for the Accountancy generates in an automatic way the Seats of Opening, Closure and Results of Exercises.

       "Final Liquidations or defined billed by third party"
       It is a proof that is not billed by us; otherwise it is billed directly by the exporter.
It is used to reflect in the contract, every proof generated by this one.
These types of proof generate a seat and close the double entry at the moment of collecting.


. AFIP General Resolution No. 3100/2011
       According to RG 3100 AFIP (published in the Official Bulletin on 13/05/2011), liquidations 1116B / C rejected should be informed in the SICORE with a code of special regime.
Therefore a modification is sent in the B-M option that can make these assessments, for generating the information presented in the mentioned application, the system will assign the code corresponding regime.

SICORE version that includes new regime codes (834, 835, 836, 837) is available. Sicore Download 8. 0 Release 6 . Descargar Sicore 8. 0 Release 6

. Fumigated Constance for the provinces of Córdoba and Santa Fe
       Necessary modification to were realized to acomplish with the obligation to accompany each consignment with an affidavit, amendments were made effective from 11/04/2011.
There is also the possibility to print both statements.

. F1116 File Generation
       Was modified to generate the F1116.TXT file format accepted by the application Registration Grain Operations - F1116 Version 2.0 (Build Date: 03/05/2010). This version includes the ability to bulk import transactions from different vendors can also continue importing also by seller as the previous version.

. Movements Grain 3 (AFIP)
       Programs were adapted to generate the files to import into version 3.00 of the Movement of Grain AFIP SIAP (depending on the resolution is implemented from July 2010).

. Web Page
       In these were added a function key to access to the AFIP page with tax key using Windows Internet Explorer. For more information check AEABrowser.doc in \grain\manual in the server.

. Book of movements and Existence
       The program was modified as established by Resolution 7953/2008 of ONCCA in article 17 (Enabling Plants), where indicates that all movements of grains that are carried out in the Transitory Deposits must be settled in the book of Movements and Existence of Grain of the Plant which are associated with them, explaining the observations that the movement corresponds to Transitory Deposit.


. Generation Information Web Page

       New option that allows generating information to export to a Web Page.
       This option generates files to publish in an extranet so that the clients enter with a key and consult their information

. Adjust Dairy Sales Auxiliar
       New option that is used as an IVA Diary of the proofs originated in the billing, that then will pass to the Sales IVA Diary of the option V-A. It is used as a draft of the IVA diary.
It can be used to make “conjoined” passages of the proofs of the IVA Dairy of this way all the proofs of the same day can be passed in only one movement (according to certain conditions).

. List of Sales by Line/Group/Deposit

       New option that list the proofs of the option N-H, grouped by code of Line, Group and department. Is shows the quantity and the amount. The list can be restricted by table to certain types of proofs.

. Electronic Billing

       Added the posibility of issuing proofs through the method called Electronic Billing, using AFIP Web Services. The method consist of sending a solicitude to AFIP to be assigned a proof to issue a Authorization Code called CAE and its expiration date, and then print the same in the proof.

. Affidavit merchandise fumigated

       Added the possibility to print the Affidavit according to Anex 1 of the Resolution No. 137 of the SANTA FE province and his corresponding of CORDOBA, in relation of the merchandise fumigated.

       It was modified this option to be able to import withholdings (K-D option) and perceptions (option K-C) for version 2.0 of the application SIPRIB (Province of Santa Fe).
Added the possibility of charging the invoices in the tariff corresponding to the new Law of Stamps of the province of Cordoba.

       It was modified this option for generation of the files for the application SIRETPER v2.0 of the DGR of Tucuman.
The generated files are DATOS:TXT and RETPER.TXT

       New option that allows to generate the files to import in the application "IVA SOLICITUD DE REINTEGRO POR VENTAS DE BIENES DE CAPITAL VERSION 2.0 RELEASE 1" of the SIAP, corresponding to the RG1168.

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