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Agricultural Sites and News

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In this section you can find pages of interest on the field and general news

INTA (National Institute of Agricultural Technology )
   It is an organism created in 1956, with the purpose of impulse and vigorizate the development of the research and agricultural extension and to accelerate with the benefits of this fundamentals functions: the technification and the improving of the agricultural company and the rural life (*)..

Rural Argentina Society
   The Rural Argentina Society is part of the economic and politician history of the Nation. As well his foundation was in 1866, in 1860 it already existed attempts of sectors linked to rural exploitation, to organize entities that treat the rural problematic (*).

Clarín Rural Supplement
   Rural supplement from Clarín Newspaper, where you can find the last news referred to our countryside. Clarin is one Argentinian newspaper published in Buenos Aires city. It was founded by Roberto Noble on Tuesday 28th of August 1945. It is the largest circulation newspaper in Argentina (*).

La Nación
   It is a newspaper from Argentina, edited in Buenos Aires. It was founded by Argentina´s president (1862- 1868) Bartolomé Mitre and his first publishing was on January 4, 1870. From "sheet" format, the average daily has a circulation of 160 thousand copies from Monday to Saturday and 250,000 on Sundays (*).
Bloomberg Agency
   Bloomberg is the global provider leader of news, data and analysis. The BLOOMBERG PROFESSIONAL (R) and the media services of Bloomberg offer archived news and financial news in real time, prices, commercial tools, and a communication in a single integrated package for corporations, new organization, financial and legal professionals and people worldwide (*).

Ambito Financiero
   Also known simple as  Ámbito, it is an Argentine Newspaper specialized in economy, founded on 9th of December of 1976 by the journalist and economist Julio Ramos (*).
   It is an Argentine digital newspaper of today and economy created in 2002 by the businessman Daniel Hadad.
Originally, it was the online edition of the Buenos Aires Economico (BAE) that Hadad had acquired in that same year.
It is part of the Infobae Group, next with Radio 10, C5N, Mega 98.3, Pop Radio 101.5, FM Vale 97.5,, Tendencia (The magazine and the program). Between 2002 and 2007 also 9 Channel of Buenos Aires integrated the group.

El Cronista
   Called El Cronista Comercial until 1989, it is an Argentine newspaper published in Buenos Aires, founded in 1908 by Antonio Martin Gimenez, It was the first Argentine business newspaper and the first of this country of being published in Internet, in 1994. His first example was published on 1st November of 1908 (*).
La Razón
   It is an Argentine newspaper published in Buenos Aires. It was founded on 1st March of 1905 by the journalist Emilio Morales. After his bankruptcy, it was acquired by Clarin Group. Actually, it is freely distributed in several modes of transport, mainly in subways and trains in Buenos Aires (*).
Página 12
   On May 26, 1987 the Buenos Aires citizens woke up with a novelty. A 16-page newspaper had opened a place in the kiosk between the classic newspapers. The circulation of 30 thousand copies was sold out at first lights and soon formed line at the door of the old editorial looking for more copies. Such response showed that among the media there was a vacant space for the new proposal (*).

New York Times
   It is a newspaper published in New York City by Arhur Ochs Sulzberger Jr., that is distributed in the United States and many other countries (*).
CNN - Financial News
   CNN Financial News, Cable News Network, it is a American television network founded in 1980 by the businessman Ted Turner. Actually is part of Time Warner and his slogan is “The Most Trusted Name in News”. CNN was the first television network to cover news 24 hours per day (*).
Financial Times
   The Financial Times (FT) is an international business newspaper. It is considered a newspaper of great prestige and in the recent years it became in the quality newspaper most sold in the world.

Interlink Headline News
   It is the first Argentine digital newspaper, which is published every day since January 31 of 1995 (*).
Buenos Aires Herald
   It was founded on 15 September of 1876 under the name of The Buenos Ayres Herald, by the Scottish immigrant William Cathcart. In the beginning, it consists of a simple sheet with ads on the cover and mostly about "shipping" (entrance and exit of boats to the port of Buenos Aires) on the back. When its founder sold the newspaper a year later, it became daily, now focusing more on the typical contents of a newspaper. Rapidly, it became a referent of the English-speaking community living in Argentina (*).

   Clarín is an Argentine morning newspaper published in Buenos Aires city. It was founded by Roberto Noble on Tuesday 28, August of 1945. It is the largest circulation newspaper in Argentina. The director of the newspaper is Ernestina Herrera de Noble, widow of the founder and actionist of the Clarin Group, owner company of the publication (*).
   Perfil is an Argentine morning newspaper, twice weekly, edited in Buenos Aires city. Founded by Jorge Fontevecchia (CEO of Perfil Editorial) on May 9 of 1998 (*).
ABC España
   ABC is a Spanish newspaper of conservative line. Among its identity highlights the format: stapled editing and page size, magazine like, and opinion pieces on the third page, generically called «The Third«. According data certified by the Office of Justification Diffusion (OJD) and referenced to the period July 2010 to June 2011, the average ABC circulation was of 314,271 copies and was broadcast on 242 154 (*)

AgroEducación - Fundación Libertad
   AgroEducación is an organization integrated by Professionals with experience and knowledge that apply to the coaching, education and formation. Academic rigor in perfect balance with the knowledge of countryside and practical experience are the highlights of all the activities taking place. It promotes the best practices and management tools focused in the Agricultural Sector. Organizes and directs its efforts to quality services where the Company or Student need. Develops several activities in place, virtually and long distance to allow quick and easy access through the best technologies.- - Job Search Engine is a Canadian job search engine, currently expanding in Latin America, present in more than 60 countries around the world. Neuvoo adds all available Internet job offers from companies, universities, agencies, local employment exchanges, etc. Its goal is to help job seekers with our platform, which allows searches very simply, filtering by location, profession or keyword. Currently, it has 37,900 job offers in Argentina and this figure increases day by day.

(*) Source: Wikipedia

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